Thursday, January 14, 2016


I often use the hashtag '#learningwhileplaying' because I truly believe that kids learn best while playing. They are able to put to use everything they see and hear around them through their play. I get excited when the kids take in the things we talk about at daycare. Lately we've been reading a book about the 50 States. We've been reading it for nearly a week now because of their general interest in the book.

 Yesterday afternoon the kids painted wooden snowflakes. There was leftover paint, so they asked for extra paper. They painted a piece of paper. Then they asked for more. Then another. And another. 
"How many papers are you going to use?" I jokingly said to them. I really don't care how many papers they use for their painting, plus it was keeping them busy.
"50," responded a three year old.
"Okay, sounds good," I smiled. That was a very specific number, but I didn't think much of it. I left the room to go to the bathroom. 
"Can we use our hands?" the kids shouted at me.
"Sure," I yelled back. I was flushing and washing my hands. They couldn't do much damage in the minute it would take me to wash and dry my hands. Then I heard paper crumpling. They must have messed a page up, I thought. I stopped at the tissues to blow my nose. Then I walked into the kitchen.

The papers were torn and in all different shapes. Surprisingly all of the paint mess was still contained to the tables, hands, shirts, and a few streaks on their faces.
"What's going on?" I asked smiling. They were clearly having fun as they spoke and coordinated amongst each other.
"I'm making Iowa," replied my daughter. "I'm making Michigan," replied a three year boy. "I make Iowa too," said a smiling two year girl.
I laughed. 50 sheets of paper for the 50 states, all made into different shapes because "all of the states look different."
This is why I use the hashtag learning while playing.