Wednesday, January 27, 2016

3 Day Weekend In January

The minis had MLK Day off from school. I found this out last minute, but my daycare families were awesome enough to let me take the day off too. We had an excellent weekend filled with little friends birthday parties, time with friends, and a night at the local water park hotel.

Friday night dance party also means spreading blankets on the floor to dance on. Whatever keeps them happy I suppose.

A little bit of relaxing before heading off to two friends birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese's. The kids had a great time, I got in a few games of skee ball, and they were more than ready for naps afterward.

Elizabeth loved all of the kiddie rides (she rode one a dozen times) and was super excited to meet Chuck E Cheese.

Of all of the games, their favorite thing was a photo booth that made little id cards for them. So many id cards came home with us. Strangely they all seem to have disappeared....

As if birthday cake wasn't enough, they begged to use their Scratch gift cards. I can't say I was disappointed by their request.

Later that afternoon, we had another birthday party for two little friends. This time at our favorite roller skating place. The kids had a great time, got to eat pizza, and showed improvement from our NYE roller skating adventure.

After our big Saturday with birthday parties, the minis had some chill out time during the day on Sunday while I met a friend for coffee. Hubs and I decided to surprise the minis with a trip to our local water park hotel (that's 10 minutes from our house) since they didn't have school on Monday (MLK Day). We went last year and the kids had a blast! This year we got a pool side room (recommended so you don't get cold walking to and from the pool area) and spent hours swimming and enjoying the pool side tiki bar.

It seems a lot of other people had the same idea Hubs and I did because the hotel was booked and the pool packed with families. The pool stayed open later than usual on a Sunday night. As the night wore on, the pool became less crowded and the kids were able to spend over an hour jumping and cannon balling into the pool.

Max spent most of his time going down big slides.

Sandwiched between two of my favorite side kicks.

Big comfy beds.

The view from our hotel room door.

Monday morning we spent in the pool for a couple of hours, warmed up in the hotel room, and then checked out. After checking out, we went home and took naps. Long, four hour naps. This goes down as one of the best days off because it was really a day off and not a day spent running all around (how my days off typically go). We'll definitely keep the Ramada Tropics Resort on our list of winter activities for next year.