Friday, August 14, 2015

Pizza Day 2015

With summer coming to a close, we've been fighting to get in all of the activities and theme days that the kids have requested. One of their first requests this summer was a Pizza Day like last summer (read more on that here) and we finally got around to it!

 The patio was set up as a pizza parlor, complete with a "restaurant" portion (which just became another work space for them), a creating table, and a kitchen to "bake" their pizzas. They used Play Doh and homemade salt dough to make "pizzas." Fuzzy Pom Poms served as the toppings for their "pizzas."

                      The kids were thrilled to use actual kitchen pans and utensils to make their "pizzas."

                 The kids were more than surprised when I pulled out a cookie pizza for morning snack!

 Each child got to make their own tortilla pizza for lunch. For toppings their was canadian bacon, pepperoni, green pepper, black olives, mushrooms, and onions (and cheese of course). A pound of pepperoni, two pounds of cheese, and a lot of different pizza combos rounded out the lunch hour. My only rule for lunch was they could put whatever they wanted on their pizza, but they had to eat whatever they made. A lot of the kids tried new toppings and every child ate all of their pizza.

The kids each colored a pizza slice. My favorites were the kids who got creative and colored a cookie pizza slice (like the smallest slice in the picture.
This is another theme day that will be repeated next summer for the third year in a row!