Monday, August 10, 2015

More Days Like Today

I didn't put on a bra all day. I showered at 4 p.m. and afterwards I put on my "nice" pajamas. I did a few loads of laundry and ran the dishwasher. I watched my kids play, I said yes to nearly everything, snuggled with each of my children at different times, and had in-depth discussions with each of them. We did nothing all day long. I laid around nearly all day. I blared my music as loud as I could and danced around my living room.
Let me back up a bit.
The previous weekend we went on a 14 hour long, one day road trip across Iowa (read that adventure here). Then it was a crazy and busy week. Hubs started a new job and I had a house full of kids. I had a migraine not once but twice throughout the week which meant I was behind on my To Do Lists.  Not to mention that there's only two weeks before school starts again. Two weeks to really live it up. Two weeks to pretend my mornings are laid back and not run by the 'when do we have to leave for school??' clock.
As much as I love to get out of the house on the weekends (it's a big deal when you work Monday - Friday IN your house), I decided to stay home. All day long. I lingered in bed while the kids watched a movie on Netflix and fought over the volume of the TV. I let them eat cereal for breakfast and gave in when they requested candy directly after breakfast. In between doing a few loads of laundry, I typed up a few new blog posts and a few ideas I had for later. I continually paused my typing and watched my kids play. I giggled to myself at their imaginations and didn't raise my voice when things got too rough.
I snuggled each of my babies on the couch at separate times. I whispered in their ears and shared secrets. I rested in bed next to my three year old and took in the scent of her hair. I stroked my cats soft fur as they cuddled on my legs. I ordered take out for dinner and made my husband pick it up. We watched a movie together as a family.
Not once did I consider leaving the house or worry about my To Do List. For once in a long while, it felt good to just be, sit, listen, and enjoy life inside the walls of our home with just us. Not hundreds of kids running around (okay, so it's never actually hundreds, but you get my drift) and not us rushing off from one activity to the next. It was wonderful.
I (kind of) wish I could say I crossed off a few items on the To Do List or made some headway on blog posts. Obviously I didn't or I wouldn't be writing this on Monday night. It feels good to have a Monday morning that doesn't find me exhausted from the weekend. It doesn't make me want more weekends like this; I thoroughly enjoy our weekend adventures. It does however make me want to linger a little longer Saturday morning and take a few more minutes to enjoy the little things I often over look in my life.