Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Painting Day 2015

Last year's Painting Day was epic fun, but rain put a bit of a damper on this year's Painting Day. Luckily, my house is used to messes. We did Kool Aid Squirt Painting in the kitchen, used Puff Paints for the first time and decorated t-shirts, driveway feet painting, and painted butterfly cut outs. The only thing we weren't able to do indoors was Shaving Cream Body Paints.

 I was really looking forward to the Kool Aid Squirt Painting in the backyard. I had planned to line the side fence with poster board and have the kids run down the line while squirting the bottles of paint at the poster board. When we brought the project into the kitchen we had to re-think things a bit. Each child got their own piece of poster board and squirted the paper as it hung on the art easel. Not quite as fun as running, but the kids still enjoyed it.

I was rather disappointed that the Kool Aid Squirt paintings dried very lightly. Usually the Kool Aid paints are quite vibrant, but I had to water it down quite a bit so it could squirt easily out of the bottle.

 The kids used fabric paint  on t-shirts for the first time. I had to have the kids do these two at a time so things didn't get too messy and to ensure fabric paints didn't get all over my house. The kids really enjoyed decorating their shirts, but it was a lengthy project considering we had to do them two at a time and the shirts took 4+ hours to dry.

 The big kids got to do some feet painting in the driveway during nap times. This time we did the feet painting a bit differently (read about our adventure Feet Painting earlier this summer). I squirts bottles of paint on the cement and then the kids ran through the paint. Basically it was just an excuse to get their feet messy, but I have a beautifully decorated driveway now!

 The kids used up the last of the Kool Aid paint as well. We also have a beautifully decorated sidewalk!

Painting Day wouldn't be complete without face paint!
As fun as Painting Day 2015 was, I'm going to make sure we do it on a sunny day next summer so we can do it right (and messy)!