Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week In Review: December 15 - December 19

We had a very busy and shorter daycare week. Take a look at a few of our activities:

 Polar Express Day was a hit with all of my train lovers! Read more about our day here:
 The daycare's Christmas presents arrived from Lakeshore ( I immediately opened the box and have had a great time bringing out a new toy or craft each day. A few of our goodies: Alpha Bots, Slot-Together Translucent Builders, Roll-On Painters, soft seats (
Playing Santa Claus. The kids took turns being Santa and kids would sit on "Santa's" lap and tell him/her what they wanted for Christmas.
Reindeer hats.
We had a pasta play afternoon.
The kids decorated stocking paper shapes with the new roll on painters.
Christmas cookie decorating wasn't quite as messy this time around because I spread all of the frosting and the kids were in charge of the sprinkles.
The minis and I delivered Christmas Cheer to several people who made an impact on our year. Read more here:
I got to enjoy Harrison's (the middle mini) Christmas program and party at school. Santa was a special visitor and delivered a book to each child. Such a fun morning!
We spent an evening at Harrison's school having a family movie night (we watched "The Polar Express").
Mickey Mouse Christmas stamps.
The new Alpha Bots. At first I thought they were the stupidest toy I've ever bought, but the kids proved me wrong by playing with them all day long! Even my 6 1/2 year old loved them.
Rudolph coloring kids.
The kids spent a good part of the week playing trains on the living room floor.
A few of the cutest reindeer you'll ever see!
Of course, the new Alpha Bots got the kid's imaginations going and they played robots.
We had an impromptu Grinch Day. First we read the book, then watched the movie (the kids love comparing books and movies). We had Grinch mac and cheese for lunch (thank you green food coloring) and Grinch hats for afternoon snack (a grape, banana slice, strawberry, and marshmallow on a toothpick).

Next week will be a super short 2 day daycare week. BUT we've got lots planned for those two days: pajama day, Sensory Play Day, Christmas movies to watch, books to read, puzzles to complete, games to play, and of course, the daycare Christmas party!