Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dear Little Miss E,

You are 2 1/2 (okay, so technically your half birthday was Sunday but we had a very busy weekend). You are FULL of attitude, a true girly girl. You are speaking a lot. Some of your favorite lines are:

"Dad/mom say yeah" (when you're trying to get your way).

"No, I talk to mom/dad" (when you want to tell only one of us something and the other chimes in).

"I do it myself!"

You potty trained yourselves months ago (right after you turned two). Along those lines, you act more mature than your brother's half of the time....but you throw some amazing tantrums. And by amazing I mean far worse than either or your brother's. Your scream is ear piercing.

Your best friends are the daycare kids. You're obsessed with the songs "Best Day of My Life," "Shake It Off," and "All About The Bass." Forget learning animal sounds, letters, and numbers. You've moved on to learning to write your name (at the moment you currently make all pound signs and tell me that you wrote your "E for Elizabeth" or an "H for Harrison"), singing "I got a bass, all about my bass," and learning to write a "2 because I'm 5" (I don't even attempt to understand that thinking).

You ask to go to school all of the time and even pretend you DO go to school. You love to make up stories about your "school" and tell them to me. I spent most of fall hearing about a friend from school named "Coco" and your nonexistent teachers.

You love Minnie Mouse, Fro Fro ("Frozen"), Ninja Turtles, and Barbie. Every evening after kids leave you ask to watch the news with me: "you watch a news mama? Please?"

You have an amazing sense of style. Case in point:

You have a love for shoes, jewelry, nail polish, and gum.

You continue to be our tag along little girl, who loves to go on our adventures.

You've stopped taking naps every day. It wears me out, but you entertain yourself in your crib.

Speaking of your crib, props to you for still sleeping in your crib. You've bypassed both of your brother's by sleeping in the crib past two. I'm just happy to keep you confined so I don't have to worry about another child roaming the house in the middle of the night.

Your brother's still adore you, although you and Harrison have gotten into a few brawls...including a scratching match the night before family pictures. You've now got a scar on your face from the incident, but you'll forever wear the evidence of your fights. I will remind you of this in the years to come.

We love you, our little girly girl! Continue to shine...but feel free to lose the ear piercing scream at any time.

Love, Mommy