Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tuesday Night Fun

What started as me being organized and getting Christmas sensory bins all ready to go for the rest of the month, ended with giggling fun and a very messy bathroom! Red and green water beads spent time soaking and growing in the bath tub:
Then Lil Miss E told me she needed to pee....except she didn't pee. She played with the water beads.

I was getting dinner ready. The next thing I know, all three kids were IN the water beads playing with their swimming suits on! At some point the water beads had been dumped into the tub.

They tried to shove water beads in the belly buttons.

Two hours of laughter and squeals makes for a VERY messy bathroom. There were very little water beads left in the tub....which made for a very grumpy hour cleaning up, complete with moaning and complaining.

In short: water beads soaking in the tub+3 mischevious minis+2 hours of playtime+1 hour of clean up=3 hours of a mommy not being irritated!