Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014--Thanks For A Great One

2014 brought a lot of well deserved high points for our family and personally as well. There were numerous road trips, tons of adventures, daycare business ran smoothly, and I began a new, exciting, and totally unexpected chapter with my writing. Every New Year's Eve I reflect upon the last year. Thinking about 2014 brings me full heart and a calm peace with life. Here are a few of my favorite moments from 2014:

I am so glad I have this blog so I can capture and remember the many moments I have let slip away in day to day life. All of the bad days have made me a better mom and make me laugh as I look back on them. 2015 has A LOT to live up to and I can only hope it brings about more exciting changes and surprises. I plan to spend a good part of the beginning of the year giving myself some "mom breaks" (this includes a five day trip to Phoenix, AZ for my cousins wedding), a book party (details to come soon!), writing one or two new books I've got ideas for (with my minis of course), continuing my blogging adventures and sharing my road in motherhood, having another epic summer with lots of kiddos (I'll even be hiring a helper for those busy summer days), a family vacation or two, and lots of adventuring throughout Iowa during our free time.

Alright 2015, bring it!