Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bringing Christmas Cheer

Every year the minis and I take some time to spread a little Christmas cheer to people who have helped us throughout our year. I've been doing this for the past couple of years because I think it's important to let people know how they have impacted our life and to take the time to impact other lives.

I want people to know how much we appreciate their help and kindness throughout our year. I've got to be honest, I didn't know the importance of giving and letting people know these things until I had kids. Life got crazy and suddenly I found myself living off of the simple kindness of others: someone holding the door open for me as I pushed a double stroller through, someone who mentioned I was a good mother when I was ready to lose it, someone who would give my long, tired days a little bit of light.

While it took me far too long to realize how amazing a few kind words and actions from others can carry you, I knew right away I wanted my kids to learn the importance of doing this so they will always be appreciative of the simple kindness of others. I want those people to know that we appreciate them in hopes that I too can return the favor to someone who just needs a little kindness.

This goes beyond our central support system. This is the friendly pediatrician who answers our late night phone calls (like when the oldest scratched his cornea). This is the helpful receptionist who gets us in for appointments at our convenience rather than get annoyed that we (like a lot of other people) only have a small time frame to work with. This is the hair stylist who cut my hair just perfectly when I wasn't even sure what I wanted done with it. This is a cashier who kindly helped us return items when it was a stressful task. This is an acquaintance who always goes out of her way to support my writing. This is my neighbor who loves my kids. This is a man who goes out of his way to support local homeless families. This is our car repair man who fixed our van quickly. This is the pharmacist who is always helpful and remembers our faces.

This is the season of giving and give we should. I firmly believe you don't have to spend a ton of money on everyone you know. A few yummy treats and a card explaining exactly (I like to tell about the situation each person helped us out in) how they have impacted us seems to go a lot further than an extravagant gift. We want a better, friendlier world. Try letting those around you who make your world a better place know how they have done that for you.

On this day, I have celebrated the heart of Christmas. I have let these people know how the simple kindness in their voice put joy in my heart and made me realize once again how lucky I am.