Tuesday, December 23, 2014

11 Lines You Never Want To Hear Your Child Say

1.) "Mom, good news! I taught myself how to use the plunger!"

2.) "Mom, do you happen to have the house keys on you?"

3.) "Just don't come in right now. Give me 5 to 30 minutes please!"

4.) "No! I do it!" Shortly followed by "mom! Help me!"

5.) "Help! I'm stuck! A lot stuck, not a little stuck like last time!"

6.) "What's mommy and daddy time all about?"

7.) "Get it out of your mouth before mom sees!"

8.) "If I go down the laundry shoot...." I didn't let this sentence go get any further.

9.) "This doesn't fit anymore." This means there's been a growth spurt, which means nothing fits, which then equates to a good chunk of money spent on a new wardrobe.

10.) "This is washable paint....right???"

11.) "When will I be old enough to stay home alone? Like, without you watching me all of the time?"

This is brought to you by my comedy duo Max and Harrison Harrison.