Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lego Building, Hockey Game Kind of Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone. This weekend was a sick weekend for myself, which means that not a lot got done, not a lot happened, and not many pictures were taken. However, after twelve hours of sleep and some antibiotics in my system, I'll hopefully be good to go for next weekend.
Matt had to work and I wasn't feeling well, but needed to keep the three minis entertained. Lego's to my rescue! The minis got new Lego sets for Valentine's Day so it was the perfect day for them to help each other build their new sets.

I was against cooking this weekend, so Saturday night we made our way to Ted's Coney Island. Elizabeth really likes it when we go out to eat because she gets sips of mom's pop and dad's iced tea.
H has been an excellent big brother to his "sissy" lately.
After dinner, we headed to my Grandma Ann and Grandpa Rich's house to give them their Valentine goodies, build puzzles, and catch up on their recent travels. Then we headed to Target for more baby wipes because a certain little Miss E used an entire case of wipes "cleaning up." Elizabeth has been refusing to ride in carts and strollers lately and insists on only holding one of her brother's hands (daddy talked her into his hand too since they were in the parking lot).
I was absolutely exhausted Saturday night and didn't feel well at all, so I went to bed early and happily slept 12 hours. While I slept....well, I'm still not really sure what the four did but I woke up to a messy house and several loads of laundry. I did manage to capture this shot of the boys in front of their new beloved Lego Movie poster. Thanks Aunt Kris!
Sunday afternoon we dropped Elizabeth off at grandma and grandpa Harmeyer's house and took the boys to their first Iowa Wild hockey game!
It was super hero day at the Iowa Wild. Big H was excited to get his picture taken with the storm troopers, but notice Darth Vader sneaking up behind him......
Right after I snapped this picture, Harrison noticed the red light saber and scrambled away as fast as he could and hid behind me. We totally thought the poor kid was going to pee his pants by his reaction. Everyone around us got a good laugh!
Matt explaining hockey to the boys. We told them we were going downtown to a hockey game. As we started walking through the skywalk to Wells Fargo Arena, the boys were thoroughly confused....apparently they thought the hockey game would be taking place in the skywalk. At first they were a bit disappointed that it wasn't in the skywalk, but they quickly got into the game when it started (and especially when daddy brought back snacks).
Me and my big H. He loved watching the game while moving all around and not sitting still! Luckily, we had great and easy seats for him to move around.
The highlights of the game: when players slammed into each other and the Zamboni.

Thanks for the tickets Aunt Jenny! Check out Everybody Wins! Iowa at :http://www.everybodywinsiowa.org/ to learn more about volunteer opportunities and donations.

If I had to get sick, at least it was this weekend and not next weekend because we're off for a weekend getaway to Honey Creek Resort with family!