Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yet Another Winter Weekend....

We had plans to go to the Historical Museum, shopping in the East Village, and lunch at Zombie Burger, but that still awaits for another weekend. Miss E woke up Saturday and promptly told me "owie ear. Owe. This one," pointing to her left ear. So we traded in our morning at the Historical museum for a trip to the doctor's office. At almost 20 months old, Elizabeth diagnosed her own ear infection before it actually started. The pediatrician was impressed at her accuracy for being so young.

While Miss E was getting her antibiotics, the boys and myself played in the snow. The boys had

high hopes for a snowman with our 3 inches of snow, but it was not snowman material. To suffice them, I piled up snow to create a small snow, stuck a half eaten carrot in, two chocolate chips for eyes, and made a sign. Apparently that's all that's needed to make these boys happy!

Elizabeth was exceptionally sleepy after her morning at the doctor and took a nice loooonnnnggg nap. The three boys went to the grocery store and I actually got to do the usual housework in peace.
Fascinated by the Aquadoodle mat and bear.
Dance party Sheaffer style!

 All of the real fun started after an early dinner.....
We headed to the kid's favorite place: downtown. We had a coffee date at a coffee shop, took a chilly walk through the Sculpture Park, took a long walk through the skywalk, and learned a bit of downtown Des Moines history at Nationwide. I love these little, no-fuss outings of ours the best.
Coffee date (with the kids in tow of course).
Checking out the Sculpture Park. It was a tad chilly, but the bit of fresh air did all of us well.

After coffee and a walk through the Sculpture Park, we took a long stroll through the skywalk.
Our skywalk stroll led us to Nationwide, where we took in a bit of downtown history. Max enjoyed all of the facts.
Love my minis!!

Elizabeth was adamant about pushing her stroller instead of riding in it.

Sunday brought about a lazy morning, trip to the Art Center, cooking, prepping for the week ahead, and watched the Super Bowl (as best as we could with the three minis and friends running around).
Playing with the peg board. The boys taught Elizabeth how to sort the different colors and make patterns.
Watching "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2."
Harrison and I took a trip to the Art Center and had a fabulous time! If you have a spare moment or looking for something to do this week, I highly recommend going to the Art Center to see the the Gravity and Grace monumental works by El Antusui. I was a bit nervous that this mini would try to touch everything, but he did a great job and really enjoyed all of the exhibits. The Art Center was so quiet and peaceful, we had a marvelous mommy/mini #2 outing.
Watching dad cook our Super Bowl yummies.
Yes, you're seeing that properly. There is a basketball hoop hanging in my window and the kids are playing basketball.
The boys have been having lots of dance parties lately. This one was to the Super Bowl halftime performance.

I haven't given much thought to next weekend. Anytime we make plans they seem to change anyway, so we'll see what the week brings before we decide on next weekend's adventures!