Friday, February 21, 2014

Iowa Weather

We've experienced a wide range of weather this week: ice, 50 degree spring-like days, thunderstorms, a blizzard, and "normal" temps for February. Not that this comes as a surprise as it's just typical Iowa weather. We're at the point in winter where everyone is wishing spring would get here quick. The kids can hardly be contained and any nice days are like a cruel trick to them. Luckily, the weather provided such a variety this week that it kept the kids plenty entertained.

Monday brought ice, but Tuesday and Wednesday were perfect days to play outside! 
50 degree temps meant lots of melting......our backyard flooded into a lovely muddy mess.

Nice clear days meant the tree service was out in the neighborhood clearing power lines.
And then we had a "blizzard" (at least that's what the meteorologist called it). First there was rain, then thunderstorms, then hail, then sleet, then wet heavy snow.

I put a bowl outside to catch hail for the kids. They were fascinated by it. They touched it, licked it, smelled it, and got very upset when it melted (they didn't know it would do that and I failed to tell them...oops!).
How do you watch the snow??? Well, here the kids emptied all of the toy cloth bins, stood in them, and talked about the weather.
By the end of the week, our backyard could now double as an ice rink.

As much "fun" as this weather has been this week, it would be wonderful if warmer weather could roll back in. We're more than ready for some fun in the sun days!