Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This is How We Do a Snowy Day

How do we spend snowy days here??? Like this:

Green beans?? On the couch??? For breakfast!??! Sure, why not, when you're a toddler!
Snow paints: snow with a little bit of paint added to it (I used different shades of blue to use up some of the almost empty paint bottles).
The kids weren't completely sure how to paint with it, but the more it melted, the more fun the painting became.

Harrison had to get his hands into it.

The melted snow paint.
Finished (and dried) snow paint picture.
Balancing act performed by Miss Elizabeth Ann.
Boxes are always great fun for kids of any age. They can climb, hide, sit, pretend, and build.

The boxes were great fun....until Max hit his eye on the corner of a box. Now he's got a corneal abrasion. He's sportin' the eye patch so he doesn't rub it.
Elizabeth and Harrison were in the bath tub when Elizabeth tapped H's shoulder and said "do this" and started blowing bubbles. Harrison informed Elizabeth that they're doing this so they can get ready for swimming lessons this summer. Elizabeth was super excited for lessons.....only to cry when I broke it to her that only the boys are taking lessons this summer. Life with a girl.
We ended the night with some yummy hot chocolate (while the oldest got to visit urgent care).
As much as I love doing these things with the kids during the winter, we're ready for spring to come. It seems like winter is dragging it's feet!

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