Monday, April 6, 2020

Social Distancing Weekend 4

The key to keeping us sane, happy, and going right now is keeping busy. Despite being at home (nearly) all weekend, we were busy every second of it. Hubs did a shop class with the boys (Elizabeth opted out of it "until you can find something I want to make to") and made birdhouses, I took some time for myself while they had shop class, we cooked and baked, we indulged in our favorite take out, we spoke to friends and family (via Skype and Zoom), we watched a few movies, and we got outdoors and hiked both days. 

We started our weekend Friday night watched Onward and Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker. Saturday I took time to make pancakes, create a grocery list, do some writing and journaling, read, and watched Parks and Rec while the boys started on their birdhouses and Elizabeth played Barbies.

Granola bars, blankets, and movies. That's how to do it!

Max finally got to do a Zoom call with his two best friends (since Kindergarten). They talked Pokemon and other random stuff for over an hour! They missed each other and I eagerly await the days I can see their mom's for girls nights!

Mexican at home. The to-go margaritas hit the spot, even at noon on Saturday!

We went from margaritas to coffees. I let the minis get a Jitterbug--a frappe that has coffee and ground espresso beans in it. No wonder they pretty ran our entire hike! I needed a little pick-me-up before our lakeshore hike at Saylorville so we all got coffees.

I wanted to try out a new-to-us trail along the lake. I wasn't quite sure where we were going, the gates to the road were closed, we had to park on the side of the road, and my husband was convinced I was going to get us in trouble the first hour we were there (all because we walked around the gates. As it turns out, we could have just parked in a different area where the gates weren't closed). All in all, we had a great late afternoon hike along Saylorville Lake, got extra muddy, and only "ran into" a handful of people (by ran into I mean we were at least 10 ft. away as we walked by each other in opposite directions).

Throwing rocks in the water.

Naturally, my children got burs all over themselves. My husband thought he was hilarious and put them in his beard.

You can't see it well, but the oldest got his shoe caught in the mud and the middle mini had to retrieve for him.

Elizabeth found this rock that looked like Mr. Potato head. She begged to bring it with us, but there was nowhere to put that huge of a rock!

I nearly got caught in the mud too and almost fell. I lucked out and balanced myself.

On Sunday the boys finished up their birdhouses, Hubs made a quick run to the grocery store, and then we went to Fort Des Moines Park for a hike. Simple Sunday's are fantastic. Epecially when they're sunny and warm.

Deciding which trails we should take. The trails are VERY well labeled in this park.

As Sunday evening approached, Elizabeth wrote out our free schooling schedule for the next day and the boys stained and spray painted their bird houses. They turned out great!

B.C. (Before Corona) Sunday evenings would often include a bedtime before 7 p.m. Since our schedule is much more free these days and we're all under a lot less stress, our schedule/routine is much more lax. The minis stayed up past 8 p.m. so we could watch the International Space Station fly overhead. This was a first for all of us and it really was neat to see. We were all wiped by the time lights went out on the weekend!