Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Colors of Spreading Joy

At this point we're a month into quarantine/social distancing life and have at least a few more weeks to go. I'm eternally grateful that I've had 9+ years of quarantine practice, between having young kids and working from home I have this down. I learned long ago how to spread joy to others right from our own home. It's been years since we've done some of these, but I brought them back for our quarantine life. We upped our sidewalk chalk game and did a chalk mural (we usually use paint) and left messages for our neighbors. The next week we did a window mural with paint (we usually use Window Markers or Crayons; this time I made my own paint mixture-Crayola washable paint, a squirt or two of dishsoap, and a drop of water mixed together). This week is Easter eggs in the windows. I remember years ago, we did these and hung them in our windows along with what the kids liked the most about Easter. Those passing by our house got a kick out of their answers!

Some of these are so simple, yet bring joy to people who could use it right now. Plus, they're a great way to keep the kids busy and aware of the world around them.

Pulling the tape off of the cement was probably their favorite part!

I've seen lots of bears, rainbows, and smiley faces hanging in people's windows, so we decided to take it up a notch. When the kids were younger,in we had a big picture window in our living room (at our old house) that they'd constantly decorate with window markers. We had to thin the paint a bit so light would shine through it, but I made some colors a bit too thin so we had to add more paint. We turned it into a fun family activity for an evening, or as the minis referred to it "nighttime art class."

By the morning's light.

While these are fun and colorful, the absolute best way to give your neighbors a laugh is to have your kids request you to sing with them while they do their "joy stuff."