Friday, April 10, 2020

A Weekend Before Corona

I was thinking about how long it's been since the minis have seen someone other than my husband, a few daycare kiddos, and myself and I realized my weekends were off. Waaayyy off. Of course, at this point in our quarantine I get confused about which day it is. Anyways, as I looked back through my Instagram I realized I was in fact missing one last weekend before Coronacation began. The last time we saw people outside of our bubble was a full month ago. It was a glorious weekend though.

We had Family Fun Night at the mini's school that featured a PUPPY CUDDLE! The minis and I were in heaven. We spent our Saturday at our new fave BBQ place and hiking at Ledges State Park. That Sunday we celebrate family birthday's--also the last time we saw extended family.

 This feels like an eternity ago and just like yesterday at the same time.

Headed up to school for a fun night of games, friends, an auction, and puppies! Great night!

The cat wouldn't give up his spot easily. He shoved himself exactly where he wanted to lay!

Saturday we ate an early lunch at Whatcha Smokin' BBQ? in Luther, Iowa (we've never had a bad meal here. These corn nuggets were amazing!) then went onto Ledges State Park for hiking and playing. I'm glad we got our spring visit in before social distancing was the thing to do because I've heard our favorite spots are all packed with people trying to get outdoors.

A fifty degree day meant it was warm enough to play in the water (according to the minis).

This is the stuff Senior Pics are made of:

I loved this. The boys really wanted to go across the stream to see the "ice fall" (an icy waterfall) but they couldn't find a good way to cross the stream. So I had to go first and then help them across. This rarely happens but it was a good reminder that they still need me to show them the safest way at times.

Popcorn, a movie, and an early bedtime.

Putting together birthday presents right before we walked into the party. That's how it goes for us.

A daycare family and friends delivered a new playhouse for daycare! It was in their backyard not being used. It's quickly become a favorite and will soon be the minis new spring project: they're going to sturdy it up, build a platform for it, and paint it to match our house!

Cuddles for the cat and lazy Sunday nights.