Sunday, April 26, 2020

My Favorite #coronacation Things

What started as my hashtag for spring break (#coronacation) is now the theme for the next few months. All vacations and getaways, activities, and events have been cancelled and we're now past six weeks into a new staycation mode. I'm working reduced hours, the minis are enjoying a lax bedtime, so much time outdoors, a ridiculous amount of treats, and random (yet fun) theme days ahead. We're REALLY treating this as one big staycation--that's how we're getting through this!

While a lot has changed in the past few weeks, we've got some favorites we'd like to share with you in case you're lost during this transition to at home learning, working from home, new seasons, and just in general bored. Here are some things keeping us busy and going:

1.) I've always shared an office with the daycare nap room, but now that I rarely have daycare kiddos (much less one's that nap) we turned the space into a study room. Our banquet table was pulled out of storage and became an extra work table. The space is perfect for Zoom calls, Team Meetings, or quietly working on math assignments.

2.) At the beginning of the school year, we bought a Chromebook for the oldest mini when he started middle school. It has gotten a lot of use this school year, but A TON of use the last few weeks while we homeschool. As the minis begin to finish out the school year online, we decided a new laptop would be a good purchase for us so the minis didn't have to share one Chromebook, I could still have my laptop, and we didn't have to borrow one from the school district. Having plenty of devices during our homeschool phase has been important, plus we'll have this computer for the years to come so there won't be anymore unexpected Chromebook purchases.

3.) For Easter I had planned to fill the minis baskets with new clothes from the Old Navy summer line. We LOVE their clothes for the minis and there's sooo many sales right now. But just a heads up if you plan on ordering, while we love their clothes, so do a lot of people and the only option is ordering online right now. So many styles are back ordered. We have yet to receive our clothes order that I placed at the end of March (the one for baskets, that I had to scramble to find other things to put in their baskets).

4.) One of the mini's science projects this quarter is starting a garden. It's been a bit too chilly for planting outside, but we got the perfect seed starter kit. I'm hopeful our carrots, snap peas, lettuce, and spinach will continue to grow once replanted outside!

5.) I'm super excited about this tetherball set that will be coming to us in the next few weeks. I usually include summer toys in the mini's Easter basket gifts, but of course, this has been back ordered. I hope it will provide some fun during recesses and of course, this summer for daycare.

6.) The minis will be home for Cinco de Mayo so we're doing a big celebration that day (we usually do, but they typically miss it if they're at school). I scored some really fun stuff from Oriental Trading's fiesta line. This should be a memorable day for them!

7.) Anytime we grab take out, we've made sure it's been from local businesses. A few of our faves have been: Smash Park (surprise free Jello shots with our order!), Ceviche, Felix & Oscars, Fong's pizza kit, El Fogon, El Rodeo, and Curbin' Cuisine. We're especially fond of to-go drinks.

8.) Fareway has become our go-to grocery store. They've been incredibly helpful and the most likely of stores near us to have stocked shelves.

9.) We rented Trolls World Tour the first night it was available. We all thoroughly enjoy the Trolls movies.

10.) Google 3D animals keeps me entertained during the quiet homeschool moments (usually when everyone is reading because there arent' very many quiet times!). We've had some fun with them, but my favorite was the first time I showed the kids. I came yelling down the stairs and told them there was a tiger upstairs (showing them a picture of a tiger on my bed). I had them for a few minutes until they went upstairs to check out my joke!

11.) Our favorite educational sites have been, National Parks virtual tours,, and Freckle.

12.) We've spent recent weekends hiking nearby trails. Two of our new favorites trails are Saylorville Lakeshore Trail and Roller Coaster Trail in between Greenwood and Ashworth Parks.

And now for two things I'm NOT in love with, but everyone else seems to love:

1.) Dalgona coffee (also known as whipped coffee). I was not a big fan of this drink, but that still won't stop me from trying Giada de Laurentiis recipe that uses instant espresso powder instead of instant coffee. Maybe I'll be a fan of it with the extra kick??

2.) I watched two episodes of Tiger King and I just can't. I can't get into it, I don't understand what all the fuss is about, I spent more time rolling my eyes every second than enjoying the show. I switched to Parks and Rec. Once I'm done with that, I'll conquer the last season of Orange Is The New Black. I'm just a tad behind over here.