Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Easter Weekend From Quarantine

The highlight of the week was our Friday Surprises for grandparents, but we fit a lot into our weekend at home. The biggest project for the weekend was organzing our attic storage space and turning the daycare nap room/office into a homeschool study room/my office. Saturday I declared a mental health day for me, as I retreated to my bedroom for time to myself (something I haven't had for a solid month now!). I read books, talked with friends, and watched Netlfix. Hubs nailed the day though--he ordered food in and the minis kept busy with puzzles, games, pizza making, and playing. I was prepared for a very drab Easter, as it was a stormy and uneventful day, however the minis declared it the best ever Easter! 

Trolls World Tour was awesome! We decided at Christmastime to keep a gift card to Flix Brewhouse for Trolls 2, but of course all theaters are closed. For $20, we watched the movie at home as we ate dinner. Not a bad deal, plus we still have that gift card to look forward to once the theaters re-open! Rigth after watching we did our Grandparent Surprises.

The only pictures I managed on Saturday: the pizza kit we got from Fong's (only $20!), the 3D puzzles the minis made, and playing Easter bunny Saturday night long after the minis went to bed. You see, the plan was to have a work day Saturday: clean, organize, set up the homeschool study room. etc, so we could have a relaxing Sunday. Of course, it happened nearly the exact opposite. That meant Saturday night after the minis went to sleep, we had to dig out the Easter eggs from storage, fill them with candy, and set out the goodies. I easily saw 1 a.m. Sunday morning before going to bed.

I was so bummed. Everything I ordered for the Easter gifts (clothes, yard games, toys, games, crafts, etc. for summer as I do every year) were ALL delayed for shipping! What was on the table were quick gifts I got from Target pick up the Friday morning before. To combat my own disappointment, I grabbed a few pounds of candy and scattered it on the floor leading from their bedrooms to their basekts on the table. In related news, we have plenty of candy to last until Halloween.

We had fun with egg hiding this year. Inside since it was storming Easter morning.

The minis woke us up by 7 a.m. Easter morning. They opened baskets, searched for eggs, and then put together their new Lego sets. At that point I went back to bed for a couple of hours before our planned breakfast of pancakes and homemade raspberry syrup. As it turns out no one wanted breakfast because their chocolate bunnies and other candies were devoured! The majority of the day was then spent getting the study room ready and deep cleaned. The minis will now have a space to go to for Zooms, Team Meetings, and quiet school work.

Pokemon cards were the hit basket stuffer.

Empty bunny.

The hardest thing I did all day was fold up the pack n' plays since they aren't being used at the moment. Not only did it make me sad that nearly all of my kiddos are actually too big for the pack n' plays (I use the mats for rest time mats), but that I didn't have any kids to currently use them. Most days I take all of the Covid madness in stride, but this one hit me hard. However, with all of the pack n' plays folded up I remember that this room is actually  not as small as I think it is!

The banquet table is being used temporarily for extra desk space. Tjhe minis should have plenty of options for school work: the study room, the dining room table, and three tables in the daycare room.

Hubs and the oldest mini got all of our sides ready for our (early) Easter dinner. Our main dish, smoked ham, was supplied by my dad, who stood in the rain and sleet to make us the ham! The minis also got their baskets delivered. They had waited all day for this moment and were shaking with excitement!

Grandma and Grandpa dropped the baskets in the breezeway and then the minis opened them and we recorded it for them. This social distancing business is tough, but the minis didn't seem to mind as they tore into their baskets!

Delicious dinner: Ina Garten's roasted potatoes, smoked ham, steamed asparagus, and dinner rolls (not pictured because the minis ate them all before I could grab one).

After dinner, as the minis took turns showering, came a knock at the door. What the minis discovered was a surprise bag of candy from my Aunt and Uncle! The minis were soooo excited for all of the surprises the day brought and couldn't believe all of the candy they got. "Best day ever!" declared the middle mini.

Elizabeth unpacked the bag and yelled as loud as she could what each candy was so everyone in the house could hear. I had the misfortune of being right next to her the entire time she did this.

The last thing of the day: nail cutting. Not a big deal, but the funniest thing happened while Harrisonw as getting his nails cut. He hates getting his nails cut and went into his room to get a bright green hat. I assumed it was to hold while he got his nails trimmed. We were all talking, he was happy, no big deal, when all of a sudden a ton of little beads fell onto the floor. Where did they come from? Harrison: "oh they came from me. I'm making a necklace while dad cuts my nails so I wouldn't think about it." Apparently he has a ton of tiny beads in the green hat and he decided nail cutting was a great time to attempt making a necklace one handed. This kid still lives up to his Wild Card nickname.

I'll have to agree with the minis that Easter was pretty awesome. I would have liked the weather to be less rainy, but hopefully we'll make up for that this upcoming weekend with some hiking and outdoor projects!