Saturday, August 11, 2018

(Almost) A Minis Free Weekend

To say we've been busy this summer is the understatement of the year! I go, go, go daily with my three mini sidekicks. It was kinda nice to have some time away from the minis and get an entire 24 hours to rejuvenate. Friday nights have been family movie nights for the mere fact that I'm exhausted by then! We all look like we could use some down time though.

Saturday morning was pretty much my favorite. The minis "dressed up" for grandma and grandpa (I love their varying definitions of dressing up) and then I had a full six hours to myself. I had big plans for myself, but instead I spent it deep cleaning the house. I'm not ashamed to say that my house hadn't been dusted since the beginning of summer! It felt great to get so much done. Plus I got to treat myself to margaritas once Hubs was off work.

Deep cleaning toys and painting tools. It was such an exciting day to myself...I made the best of it by blaring my music while I cleaned and eating leftover Chinese food for breakfast.

Hubs and I still keep a list of a ll restaurants and activities we want to try out. Most of the time we bring the minis along, but this time we got to enjoy the restaurant experience kid-free.

Blu Toro in West Des Moines provided an excellent appetizer spot. We enjoyed their chips and salsa and margarita flights immensely.

In between appetizers/drinks and dinner, we went life jacket shopping for our upcoming Labor Day weekend getaway. We stopped at all of the area sporting good and outdoor stores and came to the conclusion that we would be shopping on Amazon for a lot of our outdoor needs. Holy over-priced items!

Dinner was at Billy Vees in Valley Junction. I wasn't feeling the best, so we decided to split a pasta dish. Our salads, bread sticks, and the pasta was amazing! Plus, we got seated next to a meet-the-parents situation, so we did very little talking and a whole lot of listening. It was honestly better than a movie listening to the awkwardness throughout their dinner.

Our night concluded with dessert, coffee, and cocktails at Creme (obviously with good company), followed by an early bedtime. Lame I know.

Sunday morning was Sunday Family Fun Day, but after our nice breakfast alone at Waveland Cafe. We picked up the minis and headed to Living History Farms to make the most out of the last weekend of our season passes. Since we did the town the previous weekend (read about that here), we spent our afternoon on the farms and reading political posters in the exhibit hall.

Mad that I made them take a picture.

The 1850 farm and farm house has always been my favorite. Even when I was a kid visiting on a field trip with school, this was my favorite thing.

Full 2018 in 1850.

I love that the farms always have hands on activities for kids to participate in. Last time we were at the 1900 farm, the minis got to help get chicken eggs and bake an apple pie in the farmhouse kitchen.

We made a quick visit to the school house before we headed out. I was exhausted by that point quite honestly. The rest of our day was spent relaxing and getting the house ready for another daycare week. The minis and I had planned on being in Oklahoma City this weekend, but I'd say it worked out pretty well regardless.