Monday, August 27, 2018

One Last Summer Vacation Weekend

This weekend wasn't quite as insane as my 16 hour Saturday, but we did a lot of fun things! I got to spend a day with my minis and a night out with friends. Saturday morning the minis and I were at the Museum. Playing for them, writing and organizing programming material for me. 

Max is getting to the age when he doesn't want me to hug him in public. Or touch him in general. But sometimes I get lucky and not only does he want a hug, sometimes he wants me to cuddle with him. And sometimes he wants to take a picture of it. I didn't care if I was in the middle of three different things during my volunteer shift, I took the cuddle and the picture for proof!

To Target for last minute back to school needs (and some unexpected housing decor, treats, books, etc.).

The best part of these friends is that they love my kids too. We showed them The Hall for dinner and then left the kids with a babysitter. Part of a great night out with friends is that I get to try out the places I've wanted! We mixed old with new on this night: Angry Goldfish, Hello Marjorie, a walk around the Sculpture Park, Beer Can Alley, and a game of beer pong with volleyballs on Court Avenue. It was a night I could feel young and yet really old at the same time.

The Hall is extremely family friendly and is a great mix of people. It's one of our faves in the Des Moines area to frequent with the minis.

Whiskey flight at Angry Goldfish.

Bathroom signs that one can only think is hilarious while at with friends. I really need to get out more...

One of my favorite views of DM from the Sculpture Park at night.

A little note for our awesome bartenders while we played and danced on the patio.

I can't really get mad about shoes being in the middle of the living room when two out of the four pairs are mine. Oops!

Sunday morning wasn't as rough as it could have been.....but it would have been even easier if the minis slept past 6 a.m.! Instead we had a Lil Miss E in our room, looking out windows, reporting to us what every neighbor on the block was doing. She's the neighborhood watch!

Despite it being an abnormally cool day for the end of August, we shuttled ourselves to Adventure Bay for one last trip down the water slides for the season. We'll be out of town for The Bay's (as Max calls it) last two weekends, so we had to get our fun in!

I felt like I could use a nap, but instead we got the house ready for the last two daycare days of summer. The minis went to bed nice and early (a bit of prepping them for the school year) and I stayed up until midnight baking Kool Aid pancakes. I suppose it was a successful Sunday.

A Root Beer float to keep me going even thought I was really tired!

I was kinda proud of my creations!

I can't actually believe that's the end of our summer vacation weekends. We have tons of FUN weekends planned coming up, but I definitely enjoy the freedom summer vacation brings to our schedule and routine. We had a fantastic summer though so I can't complain at all!