Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A Very Full Saturday

This was the weekend I realized I needed to slow it down a bit! Saturday was an incredibly busy day, but nothing I hadn't done before. I started my day bright and early with breakfast with the family, a few hours working away at the Des Moines Children's Museum, followed by splashing and spinning at the water and amusement parks for 6+ hours. My minis were fine and handled the busy day well. Me on the other hand? I couldn't move on Sunday and spent the day sleeping and resting. I was so exhausted I even felt sick. Apparently I can't party like I used to!

I'm totally digging the oldest mini cooking. He made dinner on Friday night while I prepped for our Saturday.

Ok, so I totally take pictures of myself in the mirror so I can see how I look. Weird I know, but I do it to make sure I look like a grown up! I'm used to my shorts/sweats and tees/sweatshirts wardrobe that when I need to put on real clothes, I like to make sure it looks halfway decent. Plus, I had an important day of program planning, sending emails, and talking up the Museum (at the Museum).

I had just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat before jumping into the pools at Adventure Bay. I hadn't planned on rides when we were done swimming, but that's exactly what we did until well past bedtime. Since we'll be out of town the last two weekends the water park is open, I wanted to make sure we had a memorable day there. We definitely accomplished that one.

I couldn't figure out what was stained all over the mini's swimming clothes. The verdict? Paint from body painting at daycare.

She was cold and insisted on wearing my cover up. It was just a tad large on her.

Funnel cakes for an evening snack while we listened to music.

Typical train ride selfie. Only because it's the easiest ride to get a picture of all of us.

We got home and I slept for over 12 hours....and proceeded to nap on and off on Sunday. I didn't feel good most of the day. The kids played outside with friends until evening when we began preparing for our last full week of daycare for the summer. The minis have had a blast helping me plan and prep the activities this summer. This summer is the first time they've actually been a huge help with things. I've really come to enjoy our Sunday evenings getting the house ready.

The mud kitchen required new dirt because of digging holes!

The minis even cleaned the daycare windows for me....and then promptly touched all of the glass with their hands. So it made no difference. Typical.

The takeaway from the weekend is to slow it down and enjoy because the minis can find adventure even when mom is sleeping in bed. I've taught them well (so far).