Monday, July 30, 2018

Sick Summer Weekend

Summer is no time to be sick, but I found myself in just that way last weekend. I got sick Friday, went to bed at 5:30 Friday afternoon, and woke up 17 hours later still not great, but feeling ok. I fell into bed and left the oldest mini in charge of making dinner (pretty sure he made everyone deli sandwiches) and putting a movie on until Hubs got home Friday night. I had promised back-to-school clothes shopping on Saturday. Even though I wasn't feeling 100%, we made our way (quickly) through Target and then the minis got to get out the bounce house while I napped.

I'm glad I kept Saturday low key for myself because that enabled us to have a fun couple of hours Sunday afternoon at Living History Farms (which I once again napped right after). Being sick is no fun, especially in the summer, but I am thankful I had the weekend to rest!

Being sick meant I spent most of my weekend in bed and on the couch. Eventually I couldn't take being on the couch any longer because the catastrophe that was my house was too much to see.

"Chewy says good night mom!" - Harrison

We got to see demonstrations of flyers being made at my favorite shop (the newspaper).

We checked out the bank, during which I made the comment about it reminding me of Bonnie and Clyde. The oldest mini says, "we haven't watched that show on Netflix yet." 

The main reason for our visit: to get Sassparilla and lemon drops from the General Store.

My favorite coffee mugs.

Sorting mail in the General Store.

Home to play the evening away. I banned them from the daycare room because it was all freshly cleaned. These three have no issues creating games wherever they are. They opened up my candle drawer, grabbed some out, and played candle store. Elizabeth was an employee of the store, the boys were shoppers (they brought up some of the play bags from the basement), and Max took turns from being shopper to "store manager." I love their creativity!