Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Last First Lost Tooth

When you have your last kid, there's so, so, so many last firsts. The last first day of preschool, the last kindergarten picture you'll ever get, the last first pee on the potty. All of it has been bittersweet for me. I've handled the last firsts better than I've handled the last lasts. Last week the youngest mini lost her first tooth. I didn't feel sadness in the least. I wasn't really even that excited for her.

Mostly because this wasn't really her first true loose tooth that was lost.

You see, a few days beforehand she had a minor, and when I say minor, I mean a complete and utter flip out. She was trying to get a shirt on and it wasn't going on correctly. Instead of coming to me for help, or even asking her friend who was standing right there, she decided the best approach to getting this shirt on would be to BITE IT and rip it a little ("so it wasn't so tight"). I was sitting in the daycare room, you know, doing my job of watching kids, when she comes running into the room, holding her mouth and crying. Her friend was right behind her with huge eyes that read 'oh shit.'

I thought she fell and hurt her mouth since there was a small amount of blood. She was gasping and couldn't even talk. She did manage to get the words out "I hurt my tooth!"

I took a look and saw her gum was split and her tooth was hanging out of her mouth.

"What happened?" I inquired, rubbing her back, trying not to sound upset or worried. I wouldn't want them catching on that sometimes, just sometimes, the kids scare the crap out of me.

Elizabeth still couldn't find the words, but her friend looked at me and said, "um Elizabeth bite-ed her shirt and well, she didn't rip the shirt, but she ripped her tooth!"

And, well, that's an accurate description of what happened. There was no "oh mom, my first tooth is loose!" excitement. No, no. Instead there was a flip out and panic. It wasn't a picturesque memory to remember. I'll forever remember it as the day I had to make 'Don't bite your clothes' a rule in our house.

The massive hole in her mouth because, guess what, that tooth wasn't ready to fall out yet. 

In true Elizabeth form, she insisted on putting her tooth in her boob shot glass (she then put her shot glass IN her sweet tooth fairy pillow that my mom made her) she snagged in Florida. Nothing really surprises me anymore.