Monday, July 2, 2018

Harrison's Birthday Weekend

The minis keep us busy (nearly) every weekend in June choosing what they'd like to do for their birthday weekends. I wasn't quite sure what Big H would choose because A LOT of options were thrown out (by him). He settled on a backyard camp out (and an indoor tent too just in case it rained). His weekend started at Grandma and Grandpa's for a sleepover and playing the next day with his brother and sister (while mom and dad had work obligations). Then the fun started....with naps.

Three hour long naps. When you're 34 years old and your kids are all in grade school, three hour naps are not only amazing, but fun. We grilled dinner while setting up the tents. One in the playroom and one in the backyard gave us plenty of sleeping options for the night.

This kid LOVES watermelon!

At one point there were more toys than human in the tents.

One of the funniest points in the evening was when Elizabeth asked Matt/Dad to go get her something from her bedroom. He told HER to grab it and she got mad that she had to walk across the house to her room. She threatened to roll a Hot Wheel on his face if he didn't go get whatever she wanted. I took a moment to laugh and then discussed why we don't threaten people to do things for you.

We watched the moon come out while the minis played in the yard and in the tent.

The night wouldn't be complete unless someone cried about nothing.

The cats camped out in the living room since no one was sleeping in their regular spots. They were a bit put off by the change in sleeping arrangements for the night.

Only boy moms can appreciate the sweetness of this moment: I checked on the boys halfway through the night. They were the only two who kept with the tent sleeping (the rest of us wound up in our beds). I found them sweating in the tent, with stuffed animals piled around them, as they slept in their underwear. Boys!