Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Our No Resting Weekend

This was quite the go, go, go weekend. Especially when I was expecting to have a "relaxing" Saturday with the minis. Of course things never go as expected! At least the minis got in some relaxing time while I got myself ready Saturday morning.

I realized Friday night I had failed to place my Amazon order for our toys for Texas day (on Monday). With Toys R Us now closed, about the only place to head for a good mix of toys is Learning Post. I always find goodies there that we somehow "needed." I did grab a planet set for daycare. I was in awe of their impressive K'Nex display, while the middle mini had a meltdown because he found stuffed dogs that snore when they sleep and I wouldn't buy one.

Little does Harrison know, I have one of these Perfect Petzzz in my Amazon bag because I really do think they're adorable.....but we don't get things when we beg for them. They have to be earned over here.

Miss E got her hair cut. I'm not sure if she was happier about her short hair that curled (by itself) or the purple glitter she got. 

We had a couple of hours to "spare" so we had a leisurely lunch/early dinner at The Hall. If you haven't checked it out yet, definitely do! We had a great choice of food trucks, board games to play, games to watch on the giant screens, and enough to keep the minis busy while Hubs and I tried a new beer. I've been there twice now (once on a Friday night and this second time on a Saturday afternoon) and I can't get over how family friendly it is. We will be coming back regularly with the kids.

Checking out the old railroad tracks.

I'm in such trouble with this one!

Connect 4 while waiting for our food.

Our food included: grilled cheeses, parmesan pretzel bites, taco salad, a bbq quesadilla, and a Korean sandwich roll. 

I had just enough time to freshen make up before I had to go to the Des Moines Children's Museum to run a private party. I left my phone unattended long enough to find a series of selfies on it from Lil Miss E....

That tongue cracked me up when I first saw these!

Sunday was our busy, busy Sunday Funday! We started the day at the Blank Park Zoo for Eagle Day, followed by a quick lunch in the car on our way to the camel races at Prairie Meadows, then right next door to Adventureland to cool off at our favorite (and only) local water park, and ended our day at dinner with family that was in town. It was one of those days that I couldn't believe we accomplished everything we wanted to! I'm sure it will be another few years before that happens again!

Minis: No mom! No pictures!
Me: I'm the one funding all of our fun today. You don't get to tell me no pictures. I get to take as many as I want.

They got real quiet real quick after that line. Some parents around me gave an astonished look, but hey, I'm being completely honest with my three when I say things like that!

The pink crew.

How fitting...

This looks really cool! I can't wait to check this area out next time we visit.

We didn't last long at Prairie Meadows. It was hot, sunny, and we failed to bring in chairs and umbrellas (we didn't know you could). We made it through one horse race before we scored a spot indoors, on the floor, in the cool air conditioning. We watched the camel races on the screens in the bar area, then chose to leave. 

As awesome as the Zebra, Camel, and Ostrich races are in theory, being there is actually a pain. Maybe it's one of those activities that will be more fun once the minis are older, but for now, I'm hoping to remember to skip this crowded event next year (and the year after).

The water at Adventure Bay never felt so good. We spent quite a bit of time in the lazy river and relaxing on the sides of the pirate pool while the minis splashed around. We love having season passes to Adventureland so we can go to the water park whenever we want throughout the summer. 

We treated ourselves to Dole Whip. It's seriously one of my favorite things about The Bay (as the 10 year old calls it).

Train ride to end our afternoon at A-land.

We stopped by for a quick dinner and catch up to see family from out of town....while still in our swim gear. We left family dinner exhausted, but rejuvenated to begin our busy work weeks. Just what the weekends are for!