Saturday, August 5, 2017

Weekends Are The Place To Be


Weekends are pretty amazing. Two full days to (usually) spend it however we like (well, kinda, because ya know, kids). One weekend we spent at Adventure Bay getting our swim on, followed by hiking at Fort Des Moines Park the next day. The following weekend we took naps, I stained our front deck, we went out to eat, made our weekly run to the hardware store, played mini golf, went to a friend's birthday party, and ate ice cream at Snookies. We've managed to fit in quite a bit of fun!

We LOVE Adventure Bay! We spent a lot of time in the Pirate Pool, the boys did the obstacle course and played in the wave pool, and we went round and round in the Lazy River, followed by our favorite Dole Whip. It was ridiculously hot out and the water park was the perfect way to cool off for the day!

The people photo bombing us won the day. I have a series of pictures from before this one was taken and you can clearly see the progression of them realizing they were in the pictures too! I wish I had gotten their names.

We went to Fort Des Moines Park for the first time and did their hiking trails. While the Park only has two miles of hiking trails (which is nothing for us these days), it has a lot of history. We had a great time reading all of the signs as we walked that explained the history of the park and of Fort Des Moines.  

Another hot day for Central Iowa, but we got out early and enjoyed the mid-morning hiking after our brunch.

We ended the weekend how we usually do: cleaning. This time we threw new shelving into the mix. Hubs has it down now so the building process goes quickly.

I called my husband at 4 p.m. on Friday night and said, "I think I'm going to stain our front deck tomorrow morning. Pick up the supplies on your way home from work please!" He did and I did it. Actually, after an hour of working Saturday morning (cleaning the deck and starting the staining process) I ran out of stain and called it a day for the project. I finished it the next morning instead (after I bought plenty more stain).

Dinner at El Rodeo was actually peaceful for me....mostly because I got to skip out of the bathroom breaks this meal. I never thought I was the type of person to enjoy a meal alone, but I feel the appeal now!

I went to take a picture of the outdoor speakers I want to get (I'm cheap and waiting until they're on sale) and I discovered the camera still on selfie mode. Oops!

The minis LOVED mini golfing! We went to the Blank Mini Golf Course (right next to the Blank Park Zoo) and couldn't have been happier with the course. It was perfect for kids yet still fun for the adults. While we had to put Dad Rules into effect (using feet as a back stop, picking up the ball and putting it in the hole after hitting it 7+ times nowhere near the hole, and most importantly, keep your club touching the ground at all times) and we had to keep the golf clubs from being swung like bats, it was a fairly successful evening.

This girl and her stance had me cracking up!

Brunch at Star Bar followed by staining the rest of the front deck, complete with minis in the window waving and smiling (and getting into trouble inside the house).

You may have heard about our little communication error with the minis. You can read about that here.

At a friend's birthday party at Ashby Park and wading pool.

The kids played pin the horn on the unicorn. How cute is that???!!? Even more impressive is that the friend's mom drew it! 

Eating our favorite ice cream. The original owners of Snookies passed away and on this particular day they were holding a memorial at the ice cream shop, which meant news crews were around. While they used about a second's worth of footage of my minis eating their ice cream, my minis were not impressed in the least. Elizabeth got irritated and told them not to get her eating. #diva