Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Truth Behind It All

I know I share a lot of "the kids love each other sooo much!" and "look at this way cool activity we did!" or "it kept them busy all day long!" All of that is true. The kids DO love each other a ton (which makes things waaayyyyy easier than one thinks) and we do do cool activities (or the kids come up with some cool things to do) and they do keep each other entertained all day long. However, there is PLENTY that is not shared.

What is not shared? Well, how about the pure insanity of every day. Such as when 5+ children are talking to me, one child is screaming just to scream, someone found an unknown band aid on the floor and they're not sure what to do with it, and it's snack time. All happening at the same exact time. Luckily I'm one of those people that finds the humor in it all.

Also not shared? The shit that hits the fan. Examples: when an older child got poop on their hand because they decided to be helpful by checking a little one's diaper. By sticking the entire hand down the diaper. There was no guessing if the little one needed changed or not. Or how about the afternoon that a few of the big kids ate unknown berries off of the ground, prompting a talk about eating unknown substances off of the ground. Or the times that a little one refuses to put clothes back on after a diaper change and they run around in their diaper all day (I'm seasoned enough to know that you just don't fight those things).

So the next time you see a sappy or too good to be true post, just remember that for every one of those posts, there's.....(scroll down)

someone getting a bag stuck around their neck and panicking......


crying because someone threw a water balloon harder than he could. 

For real life. These things happen daily.