Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Today Is The First Day I'm Truly By Myself In 9 Years

I've waited five years for this day. Sure, I've had at least one child in school for these five years, but this is the first day in NINE YEARS that I've had to myself. Sure, grandparents have taken the minis plenty of times. There's been preschool and babysitters, but never a full day where I could do what I wanted. If we had sitters we had something going on. My days off during the school year have been for school functions, appointments, or other engagements that required me to be busier than I would be during my working day. I've never had a day off just to play, simply for myself.

While it's only been five years since my youngest was born, I've truly waited 9 years for a day like today. It was wonderful! And odd, relaxing, freeing, sad, and any other emotion you can feel at once. Today was simply weird. I still spent my day running around, but running around that I actually wanted to do! I visited my mom and aunt, I went shopping (and took my time!), had a breakfast date with my husband (that wasn't rushed), leisurely drank my coffee, took some time to write (I could actually hear myself think....and yes, that totally means I was talking to myself out loud. No shame about it either), got cupcakes for a surprise after school snack, and I even did some lesson planning for daycare.

It doesn't sound exciting and probably even a bit disappointing to some. Yet here's the thing, something that Lauren reminds me of often, I've never had a me. I've never had the option to just drop my kids off somewhere for the day so I could do things I wanted or even needed to do. Who watches your kids when you're the babysitter??? They've always been in tow or I've had to beg grandparents and/or other sitters to take them while I rushed through whatever it was I needed to do.

As emotional as I am about having all three of my minis in school full time (because that means I officially have "big kids"), I'm very much looking forward to my random days off I've scheduled throughout the school year. I've waited nine years for this undefinable moment of peace and I plan on enjoying it as much as I can. 

Here's how my day off went:

The morning started rather rough. Before my day off could begin, I had to give an important pep talk, give cuddles, dry tears, spoon feed a five year old oatmeal, approve outfits, and make sure that they did wear socks with their shoes (a first in three months). Finally, they were ready for the 1st Day pictures and the ridiculously short walk to school.


Building at the top of the hill: school. They were walking just east of our house. That's how close our house is to the elementary school. We're pretty lucky.

Our first time at St. Kilda's downtown. I was everywhere around DM today: downtown, south side, Johnston, Urbandale, West Des Moines, Ingersoll area. It felt pretty good to get out and about during a work day!

I loved St. Kilda's! I had an Australian iced coffee (espresso and ice cream) and avocado toast. I could start my days with veggies and sugar every day!

Shopping. I *might* have started singing Michael Jackson after seeing these shoes. This * means I definitely did....along with a few other 80's tunes. 

Followed by a shockingly quiet, messy  house (I shot video just so I could remember this the next time I can't hear my own voice shouting).

And then they were home (no pictures of the actual children because they were uncooperative). I had plenty of paperwork to fill out, including this little gem. The fact I even have to write this explains why this is the child that gives me grey hair!

This day makes me excited for my next true day off (next Friday!!)!