Saturday, August 19, 2017

Reunion Weekend

Last weekend was filled with reunions: a family reunion with my dad's mom's side of the family, my 15 year high school reunion, and a reunion with friends I don't get to see often. It got us out of the house plenty and made my heart full. We love our adventures and our weekends as a family, but every so often it's wonderful to get out, socialize, and spend time with people who hold special places in my life. To say I ended the weekend revitalized is an understatement. 

We had so much fun at our reunions that I failed to take a pictures. Here's a few that I remembered to take:

My husband decided to take back roads to get to my grandma's sister's house in Runnels, Iowa. We'll just say I saw parts of Des Moines that I didn't know existed!

I hadn't been to my Aunt Ruthie's house since I was a kid. I laughed when we first arrived because I kept telling my husband it was a big white house up on a big hill. Well, it was a big white house, but the hill was a lot smaller than I remember. Also, there was a pool in the backyard (I remember way before there was a pool). The minis enjoyed the pool all afternoon, while I mingled and reconnected with cousins, aunts, and uncles. I even got in some relaxation time by the pool.

We had the perfect amount of time to leave the family reunion, grab the kids dinner, change into a dress and flats (me, not Hubs of course), and head to my high school reunion. We missed the actual reunion portion, but happily took part in the drinks event at the AC Hotel. I definitely recommend  checking out The Republic on Grand. I failed to get many pictures (or ones I'm willing to publicly share at least), but we had a wonderful time and stayed out until 1:30 a.m. Huge shout out to Lauren's bonus kid for babysitting for us!

The next morning was a tad rough for mom and dad. However, we managed to get up (after only a few hours of sleep) and head to brunch with friends of mine. Americana brunch, followed by a walk through the Sculpture Park, and then a nice nap. The minis even went to bed at a decent hour and I did a long grocery shopping trip to various store by myself in the evening. This was one of the few times all summer long that I did the grocery shopping myself and didn't have them delivered. Not surprising, we ended up with a lot of things we didn't exactly need....that never seems to happen when groceries are delivered!