Thursday, August 10, 2017

Family Fun Weekend

Some weekends are meant for playing, some for working hard, and others for resting. We went with the first two last weekend. Friday night we kept it chill (in the words of our oldest) and did a family movie night over take out. Saturday started bright and early when the minis just needed mom (see video below). So much for sleeping in, but luckily I went to bed uncharacteristically early. We took our time getting ready and wound up at Waveland Cafe for brunch. Then we did some tax free shopping for new school clothes and shoes, spent a few hours at Living History Farms, spent a fair amount of time at Menards getting supplies for making stilts (and new screen doors), started the stilts project, and had a date night in after the minis went to bed. Sunday was project day: stilts, new screen door installed, house work, cooking classes for the minis, and ending the weekend with a family dinner at my parent's house. I love weekends like this one!

She's just too much for me sometimes. Red lipstick covering her face (not just her lips) and her precious sparkly cat shoes. She doesn't need much else to be happy!

Brunch. The oldest was NOT happy about the picture. 

I've wanted to take the minis to a historic baseball game at Living History Farms for years, but have never gotten around to it. We finally made it to one (or part of one, as we didn't watch the entire game). It was fun to see and hear the balls being hit as walked through the town of Walnut Hill.

For their birthday's, the minis got a vacation and season passes to the Zoo, Living History Farms, and the Science Center. Since we can come back whenever we want, we decided to split our visit. This time we spent our time in the town (rather than the farms). I'm really glad we did that because we got to experience all new demonstrations in the Drug Store and the General Store.

The kids got to grind cinnamon for medicine and received a hearing test (they all passed per 1875 standards). They also got to see toothbrushes and toothpaste and test out perfumes and cologne. We had a great time in the Drug Store!

At the general store we got lemon drops, gum drops, rock candy, and Sarsaparilla (also known as Root Beer) and viewings of a popular coffee cup from 1875--with a mustache guard! I really want a coffee cup like this one now! 

They cleaned up the broom shop.....and learned that kids in 1875 would finish up an eight hour school day, followed up three to four hours sweeping up the broom works. They're penny earned would go to their parents. The minis thought she was joking at first, then they were appalled by these facts!

The boys had the idea of making their own stilts after seeing some at Living History Farms. Lil didn't really want in on the project, just the pictures. The boys tried to push her out, but she made herself known regardless!

Stilt planning. To see a documentation of project, click here.

Sunday morning the minis woke up and made us breakfast. Well, as much as they could. Then Hubs went down and helped them with the rest. We had quite the feast after their cooking class with dad. They made our special drinks all themselves. We did not try the specialty drinks because after hearing that the Oreo coffee was made with whole Oreo cookies, milk, a dash of vanilla cappucino, milk, and cinnamon. So sweet of them for trying, but no thank you. We didn't tell them we didn't drink them though.....we waited until they were outside playing to quickly dump them out. We'll tell them someday.

New front screen door. We've been busy replacing the outside doors, next we move onto restoring some of the original doors and woodwork inside of the house.

The fur nephew after family dinner at my parent's house. He was being really good, just slightly nosing the toys.

Leave it to my daughter to find the one play purse and cell phone to use.

This (upcoming) weekend will be a reunion weekend: family and friends! I'm hoping the minis will be entertained plenty so I can catch up with everyone. Fingers crossed!