Friday, August 25, 2017

First Day of School 2017

The beginning of the school year sneaked up on us rather quickly on us. In the past, the kids (mine and daycare kids) have been excited for a new school year. We spend a couple of weeks talking about going back to school, change in routine, etc. This year was met with denial (both from the kids and me). While it still seems like we should have a couple of weeks of summer vacation left, the first day of school happened. It was a big one too: it was the youngest mini's first day of kindergarten. The first day even I had all three minis in the same school. I've been looking forward to this since the beginning of last school year.

Back to school night the afternoon beforehand helped get all three minis excited for the first day. Up until that point, no one was particularly ready to start back up. Even me, who finally got around to unpacking backpacks from last school year days before the new school year began.

The morning of the first day brought excitement for the boys, who got ready in record time and couldn't wait to get going to school. The youngest needed a pep talk and some cuddles before her excitement set in.

Obligatory back to school photos with happy excited kids. Actually, at this point the boys were annoyed that they couldn't just run right up to school and the youngest was bursting with excitement.

 4th Grade

 2nd Grade (with his teacher he had in Kindergarten, who moved to 2nd grade)


We are soooo lucky to live so close to the school. We can literally see the school from the end of our driveway.

They easily made it through their first day of the 2017-2018 school year! Of course, it wouldn't be like my minis to not have any good stories from the first day....

For this first story, let me take you back to my middle mini Harrison's kindergarten school year. His big brother Max took him into his classroom every single day, helped him put his stuff into his locker, and told him to have a good day. We actually had to put a stop to it halfway through the school year because Harrison was completely taking advantage of big brother ("hold my backpack for me, it's too heavy"). Anyways, we gave the middle mini instructions to do the same for his little sister. He rolled his eyes and said "we'll see."

The first question I asked Lil Miss E after school was if her brother walked her into her classroom. She responded, "nope, he told me to figure it out because I'm a big kid now. I got a little lost, but another teacher mom helped me find my classroom instead.....and I DID NOT cry like some of the little boys in my class. Like, they cried all day for their mommies. Ugh." When I checked with the middle mini as to why he didn't help her, it was just as she had said.
"Because she's a big kid now mom. She can figure it out for herself." Typical middle child.

Also my typical middle child: the above note. Remember my story about the middle mini and his "glasses" from last school year? Yeah, he still doesn't need them. Yet, as soon as we were home from back to school night, he pulled his fake eyeglasses out from wherever they've been hiding all summer and promptly put them in his bag. As soon as he got inside the school doors the first day, he put them on (out of sight from Hubs and I because he knows we'll call him out on it). I already had to send a disclaimer note to the teacher after day 1. 

I have a feeling it might be an interesting school year!

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