Saturday, June 3, 2017

Like Mother, Like Son

Do you ever find yourself in a situation with your kid, thinking "this is soooo me?" My kids have many of my personality traits and quirks (both good and bad): independence (well, 2 of the 3 at least), stubbornness, creativeness, imagination. Lately, I've found myself dealing with an "issue" with my middle child that I faced as a child.

Side note: no one re-tells this story like my mom, so most of this re-telling is actually from her point of view and not mine. I actually remember very little of this "issue."

When I was in kindergarten, several kids at school got glasses. I, of course, wanted them too. So I went home and told my mom I needed glasses. Knowing that something was up, she told me I didn't and I'm sure she expected that to be that. Well, little six year old me had other ideas. I remember asking the kids why they needed glasses. They told me it was so they could see. Little me knew exactly what to do next. I told my mom I couldn't see anymore, that the teachers and other kids kept leaving me on the playground because I couldn't see everyone going inside (apparently I had hearing issues too, but let's overlook that). Of course, my mom took me to the ophthalmologist, who said "no she doesn't need glasses. Did some of her friends just get glasses? This happens a lot with younger kids." Busted. Totally busted. I did wind up needing glasses years later and I'm now as blind as a bat, so that little doozy came back to bite me in the you know what.

A month ago, my middle child came home from school saying he couldn't see anymore. "Everything is just blurry. Kinda blob-y. But if I go like this" (making extreme squinty eyes) "I can see kinda better." Magically, his eyesight improved whenever he wore sunglasses or my old frames (with no lenses in), but both have since been broken (by him). So he's kept at it. "I can't see where I'm going very well. That wall is REALLY blurry." I have to give him credit, he has kept up the gig much better than I did at his age.

This evening he found a pair of "glasses" at Toys R Us that make him see "better than I could ever imagine!" 

Like mother, like son.

I still have an eye appointment scheduled for him later this summer just to be sure.