Monday, June 5, 2017

The First Week Of Summer At Daycare

The first week of summer is behind us and I just can't believe how much fun was had! The older the kids get, the easier everything has gotten. I was a tad stressed with "will the big kids still be entertained by our daycare shenanigans" and as usual, I had nothing to worry about! We packed a lot into our four day week:

Tuesday: Pizza party, Silly string fight, and ice cream sundae bar
Wednesday: Whipped cream pie fights, sprinkler, a movie, and soooo much outside time
Thursday: Play costumes outside
Friday: Free play day (we were suppose to make our fairy garden, however, everyone just wanted to run around the backyard and play)

Along with all of that,there were countless games of tag and hide n' seek played, sandbox time, bug catching, a few disagreements that were easily solved, meals, snacks, cartoons, a half hour of reading time each day, Lego building, and a bubble gum blowing contest (for the bigs only). 

Here are some pictures from the week:

New doll clothes

This is two days worth of veggies. Grocery bills are insane this time of year!
One of the funniest moments of the week: a two year old shoved herself between two shelves and started counting to ten. I asked her what she was doing because everyone else was doing something else. She responded "I playin' hide seek." I laughed so hard I cried.

To be completely truthful, the kids mostly just ate the whipped cream off of the plates AND themselves.

The dress up clothes were a hit. They wore them as they ran around the backyard. I had super heroes, pirates, leprechauns, kings and queens, princesses, and chefs (just to name a few).

The quake game kept the kids occupied and engaged off and on throughout the week.

After the first day of summer, it became apparent that I'd have to get creative with snack servings because no one wanted to stop playing to eat! Oddly, I had no issues with breakfast or lunch. As I've learned in the past, free eating works best for my group of kiddos. I set out a giant bowl of fresh and frozen berries (mixed together) on the little picnic table. As the kids played they ran by and grabbed a handful of berries. Not only did it keep them full until lunchtime, but it seemed to keep them well hydrated.

Big issues with the sandbox one day: an ant crawled in! There were tears from multiple kids.

"Watch my saber skills!" This was about the hundredth time I had heard this that day.

I love how much love the kids have for each other. At this point, they've known each other nearly all of their lives and it shows. They're extremely comfortable with each other (this can be both good and bad) and they're extremely affectionate to each other. Two kids stopped playing to come in and draw a picture together. This sweet act made my heart happy.

Just think....our summer of fun is just beginning!