Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Vacation Videos

We took a TON of photos during our week out West, but only a few videos. Here's a few of my faves that accurately capture my minis:

We listened to "the Moana song" (How Far I'll Go) so many damn times I could scream (we actually listened to my entire playlist on repeat the entire week. Somehow I'm not sick of Take The Money and Run or American Pie). The minis refused to watch very few of the dvd's I packed and instead chose to take in the views, read books, and belt out the playlist. 

One of our must stops was Wall Drug. When I went to SD years (and years) ago, we never stopped and I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. We ate at the cafe and let the kids play in the kids area outdoors. The minis loved the fountains (as evident from the above video).

Every evening at Mt. Rushmore they do a lighting ceremony. It was a very cool ceremony, minus the thunderstorm that started at the exact time the ceremony began....and lasted throughout the night. I attempted to capture the cool lightening strikes we witnessed as we drove to the hotel, but I didn't have the best timing.

Did I mention car dancing was very popular this road trip???

And hand games such as these. Miraculously no one got hurt and the games didn't end in tears.

Driving through the one lane tunnel along Needles Hwy in Custer State Park. Beautiful drives (actually one of our favorites from the entire trip), but a tad nerve wracking.

Stopped at a gas station (or maybe waiting for food, I can't remember) and still dancing and singing, but mad that mom is trying to capture them (yet again).