Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Letter To My 5 Year Old Daughter

Dear Lil Miss E,

Today you are five. A whole hand. I actually can't believe it. It seems like such a short time ago we were loading you into strollers and making sure we had extra pacifiers to bring along on our fun filled adventures. Adventures you've always been game for. 

Just like the early morning hours before you were born, I was up all night. Unlike five years ago, it was because you couldn't sleep; you "accidentally" set your brother's alarm clock for 3:30 a.m. and woke everyone up. This is typical YOU. Doing something and then somehow getting away with it because "oh it was just Elizabeth that did that."

You have a way (actually my way, but you'll learn that as you grow up) of getting exactly what you want. Last weekend we were at Target and your dad told you that you could pick out one item under five dollars. You somehow ended up with two five dollar items, even though he repeatedly told you no, you simply ignored him. You got your items up on the conveyor belt and proudly displayed how he had bought you two items instead of one when we got home. Dad did not find it amusing; I laughed (because again, you get this from me. I'll apologize now and tell you to make it work for you).

You are extremely excited to start kindergarten at the big school in the fall, but you're even more excited to have all of your friends back for the summer. You graduated from preschool two weeks ago. You can write your name and all of your letters--you're actually obsessed with learning to write "real words" and have been practicing on the dry erase board. Mom had an extremely hard time with your last day of preschool and an even more difficult time seeing you turn five. You are my last. There's no more toddlerhoods or preschool years in my foreseeable future. This makes me sad, but not because I want you to stay little. Simply because you are my last and I've enjoyed every last little thing you've done.

You have grown and changed into such the little girly girl. You love dolls, dresses, make up, nail polish, anything sparkly, and shoes. Although you don't have too big of a problem getting dirty and jumping right into things. You still hate to have your hair brushed, yet dream of having Elsa hair. We'll see how the next year goes with brushing your hair before we attempt Elsa hair!

Elizabeth, I'm not going to lie. You are challenging. I often wonder how I could have such a sentimental, full of feelings, let's talk about those feelings all of the time kind of girl. But I wouldn't change you for the world! You are beautiful, shy, funny, sweet, helpful, loving, creative, and independent. You have always been the final piece of our family puzzle and we are so lucky to have YOU! 

I love you my Elizabeth Ann! Thank you for making the last five years the best of my life!


Mom, Mama, Miss Ashley, "Mooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm"

The day you were born.

Your first birthday cake.

Your 2nd birthday. This is how I still think of you!