Monday, June 26, 2017

Harrison's 7th Birthday (At Daycare)

This kid has known how he wanted to spend his birthday for months (think Christmas time). He wanted a tent set up for everyone to go "camping" at daycare and he wanted s'mores. All of this was easily done, minus the part that the tent had to be set up indoors because of rain in the morning. It worked out well because we wound up blowing up the pool and the bigs got to swim all afternoon long.

Harrison's birthday celebration actually started the evening before when he received his first birthday card and Scratch Cupcakery gift card (Elizabeth is shocked that he got the same thing as she did for her birthday).

We actually had to go buy a new 3 person tent because our 6 person tent was waaayyyy too big for the daycare room! This size of tent worked well for the space and for accommodating all of the kiddos playing.

We broke out a kids camping chair.


The s'mores "cake" (with the cool pretzel campfire with the candle in the middle. I had the toughest time getting those pretzels to stay in place!

 I didn't want to break out our actual camping gear (other than the tent and camping chair, of course) for them to play with. This play camping set worked perfectly and didn't get damaged by the kids!

The cats were very happy with the sleeping bags in the tent. The cats were promptly kicked out in the morning, when the kiddos took over. The cats were not happy about that.

Opening presents first thing in the morning. The voice changer and Jolly Ranchers went well with his day.

Minus a few burned pretzel tips, my pretzel campfire idea worked! 

The kids got to have the s'mores "cake" for morning snack. The day's other requested food: cereal ("the sugar kind") for breakfast, pizza for lunch, crackers and pretzels for afternoon snack, ramen noodles with vegetables for dinner, and chocolate cake for bedtime snack. The only time these foods are acceptable is on special days (birthday's, theme days, holidays, etc.) and this mini took advantage of it!

Grandparents came by after dinner to give him their gifts. He got a new game (Qwirkle, which was quickly confiscated by the oldest mini and played with the next day) and a "like real dog" named Georgie.

We ended Harrison's 7th birthday is the blow up pool (I failed to get pictures of round #1 with all of the daycare kiddos) until after dark.

He definitely had a 7th birthday to remember!