Monday, May 29, 2017

Preschool Graduation

My youngest mini finished up her preschool career last week in an adorable ceremony, followed by ice cream with her classmates and lunch. I took the day off and had big plans of getting things done in the afternoon, but emotions got the best of me (more like took over) and I was sidelined the rest of the day. 

I heard this song on the radio as I drove my mini to her ceremony Thursday morning. It was quite perfect for the day.....and also the start of my "sweats" (I'll share that story later in the post).

My little graduate. They sang songs and then got their preschool certificate. She had a wonderful year and is soooo excited to start kindergarten. I'm sad that there's no more babies to go through this amazing preschool.

Grandparents were in attendance too.

So, here's the story that everyone is asking me about....Elizabeth chose to eat her graduation lunch at McDonald's (ewww, but to a kid it's heaven. I get it). As we drove away from the preschool for the last time, I started crying. Then I continued crying. We sat down for lunch and she pulled out her portfolio from the school year. I cried even harder. It got the point where everyone around us was visibly uncomfortable. Towards the end of the meal, Elizabeth looked at me and said, "we need to go soon. Mom is REALLY sweating bad today." The sweat being my tears. It was a cute moment in a very emotional day for me.

Despite our errands that needed run and various other obligations and commitments, I took the rest of the day to deal with my "sweat." Elizabeth more than entertained me by dancing with her flowers from Grandma and singing me songs.

Read about my tough time saying goodbye to the preschool years here. Good news: I've stopped crying about my lack of children after my youngest. Bad news: Kindergarten starts in three months, when I'll have to take time off just to "sweat" about that.