Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekends Full of Work

The last two weekends are what I call Working Weekends. We didn't play much but we did put a good dent in our To Do List! We ordered new dining room chairs (and various other decorative pieces for the main living area), have several meetings about security systems/set up, yard work, and fence building rounded out the first WW. Our second WW included painting, painting, painting, and a couple of trips to Menard's. The best part was the our second WW involved Family Fun Night at the youngest mini's preschool and then dinner out afterwards. 

I'm happy for those little breaks of fun and really happy to get some things done around the house. However, even though I was with my little family both weekends, I felt like we didn't get any quality time together. I'm planning on a break from the work next weekend and fully intend to play, play, play!

Here's a peek at what our weekends look like, even when we're working away:

Homemaker's with kids isn't exactly my favorite thing to do, but they definitely kept things interesting. It also helped that I knew exactly what we were ordering so it was a quick trip. 

Saturday afternoon cuddles with dad after work. 

We are the neighborhood spies. Our neighbor was having a party and these two stared out the window, reporting every car that pulled up and everyone who left. At one point, they couldn't see anyone inside the house, to which the youngest mini declared, "I bet they're playing hide n seek!"

You know it's going to be a good day when it starts with baking.

While Hubs and I were in the yard working, the kids kept themselves busy making Starburst art (something the middle mini learned in school). When I asked what Starburst art is, I was given the explanation that it's when you unwrapped the candy, cut it into little squares, and then use your warm hands to squish it into stuff. While incredibly sticky, it was actually really cool and kept the three entertained for a good portion of the morning.

Writing break with an episode of Bones on in the background.

We celebrated my mother in law's birthday and then took a parents only trip to Lowe's. 

We ended WW #1 with some bball. Not pictured is me tripping over a kid (like, completely tripping over them when child leaned down to adjust their sock) and landing on my knee.

So many scrapes and bruises from all of the yard work (and that bball game).

WW #2: Thanks to a rainy weekend, our plans to finish up the backyard were put on hold. We decided Friday night that we were definitely going to paint the daycare room. The biggest challenge we faced was having the room painted and put together by Monday morning. We passed our challenge!

Painting with children was...well....take a look at my Instagram video. It was like that.

Who knew paints cans make perfect drums??!!?

Fun Night at the youngest mini's preschool. It was a bittersweet night for me: this is our last family fun night at this preschool. The last four years have been riddled with family activities at this school and I'm very sad to close this chapter. Another reminder that our mini's are getting bigger.

After Fun Night, we took the minis to Maxie's for a late dinner (and by late, I mean 7:30, because that's late for them). This was my grandpa's favorite restaurant to go to. I'm surprised that we haven't taken the minis here before! 

And then painting the rest of the weekend.....

Children's books were everywhere (and still are)! We cleared off the shelves and have yet to put the books back on because we're putting new baseboards up this week. Other than the baseboards and deciding how to re-do the tiled sensory corner, the daycare room is complete!