Thursday, May 11, 2017

Weekend of Play

I couldn't take much more house project and I am OVER yard work, so we took a weekend to play. Our playtime is very important to us and we took advantage! We (okay, so I) indulged in Cinco de Mayo, we roamed the first downtown farmer's market of the year, the minis and played at home (and took naps, because who doesn't love naps??), and took full advantage of Sunday Funday. I've been missing our weekends like this!

My parents had us over for homemade tacos and margaritas (plenty of margaritas) Friday night.

Harrison "speaking Spanish" was quite animated!

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to go to the downtown farmer's market before Hubs had to work. Our main reasons for going: flowers, yellow watermelon, pupusas, popcorn, and cinnamon rolls.

Pupusas and my daughter eating like a dog on the sidewalk because she didn't want to get her hands messy but she really wanted that cinnamon roll!

"I'm going to make a wish on this flower okay mama? But I can't do it with my eyes closed because then I forget my wish. Okay?" I love little moments like this.

Sample Sunday at our favorite Picket Fence Creamery. We saw the cows, pet the calf, sampled amazing local products, and bought plenty of meats, wines, and ice cream.

I love this sign at the shop!

After the Creamery, we hiked at Ledges and Iowa Arboretum. We got a new experience at Ledges this year. The road to the canyon is closed because a sink hole took out part of the road. Instead of our usual drive down to the canyon, we got to walk down on the road and take in some spectacular views (that we only see from the car). 

Playing in the water is a must, no matter how cold it is!

The middle mini walked for a mile without  his shoes on because he didn't like his wet feet.

We loved Iowa Arboretum. We will definitely be back to do a longer hiking trail!

We had sooo much fun playing this weekend that we decided we'll be playing all next weekend Chicago!