Monday, July 17, 2017

Body Painting

Daycare had a blast two years ago with Feet Painting and while we've done plenty of messy painting activities since then, I had wanted to try out Body Painting with the kids. What better day to do it than the day after the 4th??!!? Kids were tired and I needed something to take their minds off of being tired and something cooler than fireworks. Lauren gave me a large white roll of backdrop from her photography studio (side note: if you're in Central Iowa and need a fun photographer, check out Lauren Campbell Photography) and we put it to great use!

I remembered from our Feet Painting that the trays of paint got rather slippery for the kiddos, but I couldn't find a better solution to put the paint on. So, the extra large cookie sheets stayed. I didn't notice them getting overly slippery as with the feet painting. I did have to refill the trays with paint several times during painting.

Then the kids went crazy....

My favorite (and their's as well!) was when they lathered on the paint like soap and then rolled across the paper!

The kids loved it so much that the paper was destroyed by end.

After everyone was done painting, I filled up little pools with soapy water (I used Seventh Generation free and clear dish soap). The kids continued to play AND got clean (well, mostly). All in all, fun summer activity for the kids (even if I did find paint throughout my entire house the rest of the day)!