Friday, July 21, 2017

Sensory Fruit Guessing Game

It's HOT this week. So hot we haven't been outdoors for playtime since Wednesday morning. In an attempt to save everyone's sanity, I pulled out some new games, building toys, and imagination corner. In our imagination corner was a farmer's market. To go along with our farmer's market, I had veggie painting and a Fruit Guessing Game. 

The Fruit Guessing Game is simple: cut up, mash up, etc. a variety of fruit, put it in a container (I use a 2 QT baking pan), blindfolded the kids, and had them guess the fruits. Take a look at the video of our game:

After each child, I rearranged the fruit in the container, took away fruit, or added other fruits to keep everyone interested. The guessing game only last about thirty minutes (some kids didn't want a turn but had a great time watching those that did) but it was a very entertaining thirty minutes!