Thursday, July 6, 2017

Max's 9th Birthday

Max wanted to do "nothing much" for his birthday (during the day). So, we didn't do much. He requested to build stuff, so they played with Lego's and the large Waffle Blocks. His food requests were french toast sticks, cookies, chicken strips, spinach and crackers, and BBops for dinner. As usual, grandparents came over in the evening, but our busy June caught up with everyone and it was early to bed for everyone. I still can't believe this one is 9!!!

Opening his Scratch Cupcakery gift card from Aunt Cindi. I find it funny that both boys ripped into their cards as soon as they were delivered, but Elizabeth (the youngest) held off until her actual birthday.

"Pretty soon I'll be taller than you mom!" That day may be coming quick!

His cookie 9 and brownies (for after dinner). Also, please note the Wonder Woman bag. The other two had their gifts inside this bag as well. Inside joke: my mom's side of the family celebrated the kid's birthday's at the beginning of June and I jokingly said that they wrapped my kid's gifts nicer than I ever have. I can't remember which mini, but one of the boys said "just reuse the bags mom," holding up the WW bag. So all three minis have had their presents inside of that bag this year. Silly, but I'll probably always remember that little thing.

I wasn't able to stick the candle in the cookies so he had to hold it. 

"Can I eat my spinach on the couch mom?" The answer was yes, but only because it was his birthday!

Good ole thunderstorm to make for a relaxing evening.

His new Lego sets from grandparents. These kept him busy all the next day.