Monday, April 3, 2017

Week In Review: March 20 - March 24 & March 27 - March 31

We've reached spring (although we had a pretty awesome winter so I wasn't exactly dying for the spring season to arrive) and with it very wet and dreary days. We can't quite go out in the yard yet (we're just days away from our playground install and new fence!) so it hasn't effected us much, but we did bring in the kiddie slide inside to the daycare room so the kids could get some energy out. They LOVED it! There were plenty of reminders to take turns, but overall they did well and got in some great gross motor skills development (as evident as when the two year olds practiced walking UP the slide and mastered it in a day).

Here are some other things that kept everyone busy the past two weeks:

Snowing huge flakes one minute and warm and dry the next. Typical Iowa weather this time of year. The kids excitedly yelled about the snow and then squealed with delight to see birds flying through the snow.

The kids decorated paper cut out flowers (hand drawn by me, cut out by the big kids) with Dot Markers.

The preschoolers practiced putting the blocks in alphabetical order while the toddlers watched. Then everyone sang the ABC's numerous times, followed by working on letter identification for the toddlers led by the preschoolers. Things got interesting.

Chocolate chip cookies were a perfect mid day treat for all!

Last year we did a Bird Day. This year we spread the activities over a few days. We had our bird seed sensory bin, we set out bird feeders all over the yard so we could bird watch, we made our own bird feeders (for the kids to take home), and played with bird seed slime.

I was out of Sun Butter, we can't use peanut butter because the oldest mini is allergic, so we used regular butter. It worked just as well as sun butter or pb.

By the end of the week, the bird seed bin was put away (I couldn't take stepping on bird seed anymore) but we kept out the play things in it. We broke out our bird book to identify the birds we saw at the bird feeders. I'm not a bird fan, but we seem to have a lot of cardinals and blue jays in our backyard, which delights the kiddos.

The kids weren't too sure about the bird seed slime but I thought it was cool!

The kids had "bird seed" (homemade granola bars) for a snack one day.

We broke the gym blocks and mat out for some tumbling, but had to take them out of the daycare room because the kids were being too rough with each other. The middle mini snatched them up and created "a market" with them in his closet.

The "cool" book: the Zootopia I Spy book. We also have had to listen "to the Zootopia song" and Trolls throughout the day.

The rock collection still had a strong presence in our every day play. We added a magnifying glass to get a better look at some of the rocks.

We now have a perfect tiled area for our messy sensory play! Hubs took out the wood burning oven and we instantly put it to use with our flower bin (with Kool Aid colored rice). I kept the gate up for a few days (with a small entrance) so the kids could learn that whatever is on the tile has to stay on the tile.

These kiddos are so very helpful and kind to one another. I love them to pieces!

The kids used Crayola Oil Pastels to decorate their paper plate birds.

So much rain and dreariness called for a movie theater in the living room with a showing of Moana and popcorn to eat.

The kids colored cups and then we planted seeds in each one. I told the kids as we watered them that the seeds need water and sun to grow. I'm still hearing chants of "sun and water and then you grow!" a week later.

The kids have enjoyed playing games on the number rug. To catch a video of one of the many games we play, check out our Facebook page here.

Nearly all of the Little People toys/sets were brought up and well played with.

The next two weeks we'll be concentrating on Easter and doing some FUN activities! Also coming very soon will be a brand new play system AND a free mud play area in the backyard!