Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Basket Hunt

We like to keep things new and fresh around here, so we tried something a bit different for our Easter morning celebration.

In the past we've done Easter up big for the minis (a new basketball hoop was the big present one year), however last week the new play system was delivered (also from the E.B. under the pretense that it was an early Easter delivery). We knew we didn't need to have a big Easter morning, so instead we added some simple fun to the basket giving.

The E.B. set empty baskets on the table with a note informing the minis of the rules and how to play. I had toyed with the idea of doing a scavenger hunt for each toy/candy, but the rain the evening before kept the festivities indoors for the next morning (and I was not about to get up at 4 a.m. to set everything up!). We kept the hunt to our simple Find It game (read about that here, but a simple explanation: think hide n' seek but with objects instead of people).

With the minis in bed, I was off mom duty (as evident by me taking a moment to brush my teeth in peace, yet still multitasking) and on E.B. duty! I wrapped and then hid everything. I tried not to make the hiding places too difficult, but just enough that we "lost" a couple of small Lego figurines (still in packages). We did find them later in the day.

After the minis found all of their goodies, they sorted everything into the appropriate baskets and then opened.

The minis LOVED it and it added a lot of fun to our morning! I really enjoyed how the few things they got made seem like a lot because of the game (and there was no complaining that mom forgot to buy chocolate bunnies this year--they didn't even notice!). One of these years I hope the weather cooperates and we can do a big basket scavenger hunt outdoors for their goodies because I'm pretty sure we just found our new Easter tradition!