Friday, April 14, 2017

The First Hike of Spring

I feel like we haven't been able to fully enjoy spring yet with all of the projects with the house and other commitments and obligations. Last weekend we finally had a chance to get outdoors and enjoy it!

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning, took Hubs to work, grabbed a quick breakfast at McDonald's (not my choice), and then went to Target for a few must haves. The evening before we were pulling weeds in the yard and the bottom of my shoes had mud caked on them. The minis lost it when a chunk of mud fell off in the middle of an aisle.

After a quick stop at home we went hiking at Saylorville Lake. The minis are disappointed that we're not "growing our own butterflies" this spring (as we've done in years past), so we spent quite a bit of our time at the butterfly garden searching for butterfly eggs (we didn't find any). In a few more weeks the gardens will look beautiful! 

On the way home from Saylorville, we stopped at Camp Dodge to see the airplane and tanks.

The rest of the weekend we did yard work, worked on the deck, and made some time to take the kids out to dinner and celebrate my Aunt's birthday.

The oldest was envious of the power washer, "too bad this isn't a Nerf gun. I could definitely win with something like this."

Being woken up too early on Sunday morning was NOT part of the plan! At least the sun was shining.

My Aunt's birthday lunch was phenomenal! Ribs, broccoli salad, homemade mac and cheese, bread.

I had excellent helpers throughout the weekend, but yard work didn't count in that! Next time the minis will be sent to grandparents when we have a yard work weekend!