Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April Weekend Wrap Up

We're really enjoying life now that things have slowed down for us. We're now trying to figure out a good balance between playing and house projects! As usual, we spent some time at Menard's buying some must haves for the home. We even did it with the kids in tow. However, we've gotten smarter about our trips to these places: in and out quickly, give them a treat beforehand, and bribe them with something fun to do after. In this case it was donuts for breakfast, a trip to the zoo after and BBQ for dinner. Not that I'm about to make a habit of bribing my kids (I know you do it too moms so no judging), but it worked well for us this time around.

Sunday we lounged around our house, cleaned the deck off before the rain came, and went to an Iowa Wild (hockey) game Sunday evening. It was an all around great weekend and much needed considering the next couple of weekends will be spent doing yard work and building a fence!

Screen door shopping and LOTS of mulch! When there's a sale on mulch you stock up. We filled up two of these carts!

Our favorite local ice cream shop, Snookie's, opened for the season. We've had such a mild winter with plenty of warm days that we've been counting down the days for this! Unfortunately it opened on a cold and dreary day, but lucky for us that meant it wasn't too busy.

The Blank Park Zoo wasn't busy either. We got to watch the baby rhino and her mama for a nice long time.

It wouldn't be a typical Saturday without one major meltdown for no reason. The meltdown happened like this:

Elizabeth: "Help me up here!"
Being the good parents we are, we help her up. Screaming starts.
Elizabeth: "No not like that!"
I'm still unsure what went wrong.

After the Zoo, we went out for dinner and then shopping. This is the type of decor I end up with when I let my husband come shopping too.

Sunday morning spent re-enacting the Easter Bunny visiting. Noticed they filled Easter baskets with existing toys and pulled granola bars from the snack drawer.

Sunday night at hockey game. We even got to see the nonbreakable glass shatter! Thanks for the great seats Iowa Wild!

Our reason for going: it was Super Hero night at the game! The minis (and every child who walked through the door) got a free Super Hero jersey.

Yelling their loudest whenever the jumbotron told them too! We also got quite a bit of screen time on the jumbotron throughout the game. I'm a tad disappointed I didn't get a pic of one of the times.