Monday, November 21, 2016

Our Weekend Before Thanksgiving

I LOVED our weekend! We had a lot of fun, a few tears (but they went away quickly), did a few needed things, attended two birthday parties, and even got in some relaxing (late on a Sunday night, but it still counts, right??).

Friday we finally made it to the Holiday Promenade in the East Village. We've had plans to go the past three years, but there's always been something that has gotten in our way of going: a snowstorm, freezing cold temps, a kid getting sick. While it was cold and windy outside, the minis got to meet THE BEST Santa (read more about that here), window shop, plenty of little gifts and trinkets in the shops, and hot cider.

Molly's Cupcakes again, even though we were just there last weekend!

Ended our night by splitting the giant sprinkle sugar cookie.

Saturday we went to the grocery, held an unexpected clean up of the minivan and car seats after a juice box was accidentally spilled all over. We had to make an unplanned trip home and then run a few more errands, but luckily things went (mostly) smoothly after that.

We got in our annual Toys For Tots shopping before the crowds hit. We had a blast and the minis happily filled the cart with their favorites (and more). We got in naps (or at least the minis did while I cooked chili and did laundry) and then went to my cousin's birthday party.

CHUM bucket. I had to do a double take on the word chum and relieved it didn't say what I thought it did at first!

Ending the night with hot chocolate before bed.

Sunday morning we saw the Trolls movie, attended Hub's brother's birthday party, and then the "fun" at home started. The boys and I cleaned their room for over two hours. We put things away, picked things out for donating, scrubbed, and swept until that room sparkled!

Next weekend is my favorite weekend of the year: our four day Thanksgiving weekend!!