Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Beautiful November Weekend

We have been incredibly spoiled with our gorgeous weather here in Iowa. Very little rain, sunny skies, no snow (yet), and warm temps have graced us thus far in the season. This past weekend was no exception. The minis have been dying to see the Trolls movie but I've remained firm on my spend-as-much-time-as-possible-outdoors stance. 

Saturday we had a Family Fun Day. We walked around downtown Des Moines and the East Village, we toured the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates, munched on cupcakes at Molly's Cupcakes, had lunch at Iowa Taproom, played at the minis favorite park, took a walk on the bike trail, saw Santa for the first time, AND got our errands done. Sunday we attended my Aunt's birthday party and then played at home/cleaned the rest of the day. Pretty fantastic as a warm breeze blew through our open windows.

The minis and I toured the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates last December (read about that Funday here) and loved it, but Hubs had never seen it before. Not only is the building gorgeous and holds a lot of history, but there's a lot of great information and displays in the rooms.

 My attempt at a selfie...

We made it down to the education area (we didn't last time). This was perfect for the kids as it was all interactive learning.

Explaining tough stuff to the minis.

The whole reason for our visit: to eat a cupcake while swinging!

Elizabeth didn't like the swings.

After cupcakes, we walked right next door to Iowa Taproom. Hubs and I had been before but later at night. We weren't sure how kid friendly it was, but as we walked in, we noticed it FILLED with families. We had a great time sampling Iowa beers while the minis played. They even made "straw wars" into a game.

The sign of an excellent meal.

When we walked into the mall, Elizabeth stopped and squealed "the train! The train is going mommy!" We obviously had to take a ride, despite it being much too early in the season for my liking.

Ana and Elsa were there too!

First visit of the season to Santa. Elizabeth ran up to him, Harrison went along with, and Max went to talk to him after being ushered by Santa (he also stood and rolled his eyes every time Santa spoke to him).

Plenty of options at brunch on Sunday.

Minis and Aunt Cindi

Sunday night cuddles.

We love our cuddle kitties but they tend to get themselves into some interesting situations...

Our weekends seem to be cooling off so we may begin to do some of our awaited indoor winter activities, starting with the Troll movie....mostly so I won't have to listen to the whining "we want to see it, puh-leeeeeeeese."